The mission of
First United Methodist Church
is to make new disciples of
Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 
Our vision is to fulfill this mission by loving God and one another,
serving persons in our community and throughout the global village
through acts of mercy and justice,
and growing disciples through intentional faith development.

DAILY PRAYER at 8:00 p.m

The week of March 19th 

Lord, you are the Great Physician! Please bring healing to my body, my mind, and my soul. Please bring healing to those around me. Work miracles in us. Transform us to be more like the people you have called us to be. Use us to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Lead us to reach out to others so they might receive your blessings too. Lord this seems like an impossible task, but I know through you all things are possible!    Amen




The week of March 12th 

God I thank you for your Holy Spirit who teaches me, gives me wisdom, and guides me in your way. Free the Holy Spirit to do miraculous things in me and through me. Guide me to give joyfully and out of the abundance you have given me. Let others see Jesus in me. Empower me to do the great things that Jesus did. It is in Jesus’ name that I pray. Amen


The week of March 5th 

God I thank you for Jesus Christ our Lord who came to me because you loved me so much. I thank you for the life and light he brought me.  I especially thank you my salvation and the forgiveness of my sin. Renew me today. Shape me to be more like Jesus and less driven by my own desires. Help me to do the things that Jesus did. Work a miracle in me through Jesus Christ my Lord! Amen


The week of February 26

 God, I praise you for your grace and love. You have done great things for your people from the beginning of time. I ask that you continue to do miraculous things among our congregation and community now. Please work in and through me to accomplish your goals. Guide me to know what I am to do. Thank you for what you will accomplish in me through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen





Worship On Wednesday Supper starts at 5:30

Worship On Wednesday Small groups start at 6:00